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Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a wholly managed cloud-based data warehouse service from AWS that deals in petabyte-scale data. You begin with a small amount of data, maybe a few hundred gigabytes, and ramp it up to a petabyte or more. The more the data, the greater and better the insights for both the business and its customers. Irrespective of the data set’s size, Amazon Redshift gives you quick query execution using the very same tools and BI (Business Intelligence) apps as you are using today.

Oamii Technologies Helps You Get More

From planning and execution to continuous support and management, the Amazon Data Warehouse specialists at Oamii Technologies can guarantee that you get the insights that your business needs from Redshift.

  • Strategize To Win – Oamii Technologies believes in pragmatic planning that eliminates risk and helps enterprises meet their business goals. With our hands-on experience, you will also be able to maximize performance and optimize costs.
  • Successful Deployment – When you partner with Oamii Technologies, we ensure smooth migration of data from your existing data warehouse to Amazon Redshift. Our specialists will help you make the most of this platform and get you more rapidly to taking advantage of strategic insights.
  • Positive Growth For Future – Oamii Technologies helps accelerate your journey from a data warehouse to a truly cloud-native AWS data platform replete with integration, machine learning abilities, and superior analytics. Additionally, we also help maintain the reliability of your data by helping you manage your AWS Redshift environment.

Getting Started With AWS Redshift

Redshift works with SQL queries and gives data warehouse experts the freedom to write their own modules using Python. Oamii Technologies’ AWS certified experts can help you exploit and leverage the benefits of your Redshift investment to the hilt.

  • Begin With Data Strategy – No enterprise can rush to the starting line without a proper strategy in place. If you want to win, you need to plan. We help you establish a very crucial go-forward plan.
  • Customized Solutions – Every business is different and has its own unique set of requirements. Therefore, we don’t have one solution for all. Instead, we customize it for each client to address their needs effectively and efficiently.
  • Impactful Dashboards – You can make quicker and fruitful decisions with impactful dashboards and harness the power of business intelligence and visualizations. Nonetheless, to get there faster, you need our help.

Amazon Data Warehouse Featured Services

  • Performance Optimization – We can help you take advantage of parallel performance capabilities and columnar technology of Amazon redshift to improve the overall performance of your data warehouse.
  • Data Warehouse Migration – Oamii Technologies uses a combination of 3 P’s, that is, people, processes, and products, to ensure quick migration to and from AWS Redshift.
  • Amazon security – AWS is a comprehensive and all-inclusive platform that gives its users several security features. These can be used to safeguard the data and applications and meet your compliance and security needs.

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