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Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service

AWS RDS, also known as Amazon Relational Database Services, is a cloud-based flexible solution from Amazon Web Services. It assists with the actual setting up, scaling, and operating of your relational database. Amazon RDS can help the developers in several ways. The most prominent being the automation of administrative jobs that includes hardware provisioning, creating backups, etc.

Benefits Of Amazon RDS

  • Simple To Administer – The journey from project conception to actual deployment becomes relatively easy with Amazon RDS. As a comprehensive solution, it gives the user the capability to access a production-ready relational database within minutes. The experts at Oamii Technologies can quickly help you identify these opportunities.
  • Scalable – Oamii Technologies AWS RDS specialists can help you scale the compute and storage resources of your database. This way, you will be able to offload the read traffic that has the potential to slow down the system from your primary database.
  • Fast And Economical– Amazon RDS is a versatile solution that permits the user to opt between two SSD or Solid-State Drive backed storage options. One of the two is optimized for increased performance of OLTP apps, and the other for minimizing cost. In short, it’s about getting the mix right so that you get the best of both worlds, and Oamii Technologies experts can help you exploit this opportunity.
  • Safe And Secure – Amazon RDS permits its users to run their database instances in Amazon VPC or Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. The advantage is that it facilitates isolation of database instances and connecting them to your existing legacy system through a highly safe and secure (because it is encrypted) channel. With our help, you can keep your data secure both at rest and while in transit.

AWS RDS Database Engines

How Oamii Technologies Can Help

Oamii Technologies is an AWS partner with a proven track record in delivering specialized Amazon RDS services. We can help you with:

  • AWS Migration Support – Our experts can help move your databases quickly and efficiently. We can migrate them from open-source commercial databases to AWS without a hitch. Our expertise with SCT (Schema Conversion Tool) and AWS DMS (Amazon Data Migration Services) is sure to maintain data integrity, keep downtime minimal, and app performance high.
  • AWS Data Management Optimization – It is always better to upgrade. It ensures up-to-date apps and compliant systems. If you desire to upgrade from archaic MySQL, Oracle, etc., our DMO (Data Management Optimization) experts can help you with recommendations and also suggest the best ROI model for your digital renovation projects.
  • Licensing Cost Optimization – There is no need to pay for heavy workloads until you start incurring them. Our AWS RDS experts can help you figure out which applications to migrate and where. Choosing the right cloud mix will help optimize the licensing cost. This way, you only pay for what you actually use, and we teach you how to use it judiciously.