Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Consulting Services

Managing And Improving The Cloud Environment

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure comprises those parts that are required for cloud computing. It includes both the hardware and software, network and abstracted resources, and storage. Simply put, it consists of the tools that are prerequisite to building the Cloud.

Need For Cloud Infrastructure Services

Every enterprise needs cloud infrastructure if they wish to host services as well as applications in the Cloud. Typical cloud infrastructure services involve constructing, installing, observing, supporting, strengthening, and optimizing your Cloud or hybrid Information Technology infrastructure. Oamii Technologies guarantees high performance, accessibility, and scalability of the Cloud infrastructures with its specialized Cloud Infrastructure Management services.

Our Cloud Infrastructure Management Includes

  • Design, migration, and implementation of cloud infrastructures.
  • Integration of the private and public Cloud.
  • Supervising, managing, and network maintenance of Cloud infrastructure.
  • Optimizing the Cloud usage cost.
  • Guarantying regulatory compliance for all the Cloud infrastructures.

What You Get

  • Effective IT Service Delivery
    • CI/CD pipelines management.
    • Reporting process management.
    • Plans for improving Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Conformation With Industry Standards
    • Detailed Compliance reports built on compliance evaluations.
  • Routine transparent and precise reporting
    • Reports on server health.
    • Safety measures audit reports.
    • Incident reports with in-depth analysis of probable cause.
    • Periodic service level reports.

Key Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Best Cloud Strategies – Our experts at Oamii Technologies rationally chart a course for your cloud migration. With our assistance, you get to choose the cloud platform that meets all the business requirements. We aim to ease the development efforts and reduce cloud costs simultaneously.
  • Sophisticated Cloud Designs – We design every application as a collection of highly maintainable and testable services, also known as microservice architectures. Using prioritized container services, we optimize the cloud consumption to guarantee the scalability of the infrastructure.
  • Multilevel Automation – Using the Infrastructure as Code or IaC methodology, our experts can automate the cloud infrastructure setup and its management. It also permits the autoscaling of reactive cloud resources for curtailing the cloud utilization overheads.

Time To Choose Your Service Preference

  • Multi-cloud Infrastructure Management – We excel in customizing multi-cloud architecture solutions that are balanced for high performance and low costs. With our help, you will get an efficient and highly available multi-cloud environment.
  • AWS Managed Services – When we migrate or design and execute IT infrastructures and Software as a Service app to Amazon Web Services, we choose only the best cost to the performance model. Additionally, we shall monitor, manage, and amplify your AWS infrastructure or SaaS apps based on AWS.
  • Azure Managed Services – We use sensible and practical planning and strategizing to carry out Azure designs and deployment, or migration of SaaS applications and IT infrastructures. Furthermore, we help optimize them for cost efficiency, scalability, and increased performance.

Why Choose Oamii Technologies

  • We work as your partner. Your success is our success.
  • We don’t discriminate based on the dollar value that your business brings to us.
  • Our team consists of trained, certified, and experienced professionals.
  • We have vast experience in handling situations similar to yours. Hence, we know what works and what doesn’t.