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Cloud Migration

The process of moving or transferring one’s digital business operations into the Cloud is called Cloud Migration. Unlike the packing and movement of physical goods, it involves transferring applications, IT processes, and data from one data center to another. Typically, the movement occurs between on-premises or legacy infrastructure to the Cloud, or from one cloud to another.

Benefits Of Cloud Migration

Moving to the Cloud has become an industry-standard the world over. Every business is trying to achieve it to exploit the offerings of the platform. Cloud migration has the following benefits:

  • Cost savings with quick ROI or Return of Investments.
  • Enhanced security and more flexibility.
  • Freedom to access any time.
  • Quick and efficient disaster recovery.
  • Automatic software updates for ensuring compliance.

Why Oamii Technologies For Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is all about embracing the data-driven culture, which is the core of analytics. Oamii Technologies can help you through this transition to leverage the Cloud space for your own betterment.

  • Get Better And Faster Solutions – Oamii Technologies specialists have years of experience performing cloud migrations. We use proven blueprints and top-of-the-line tools to give you better and faster solutions. Our aim is to bring you to value as quickly as possible.
  • We Already Know Of The Problems You May Encounter – Since our experts have been working day in and day out on cloud migration projects, we can easily forecast the problems you may encounter. With us working on your side, you can breathe easy, for we also know their solutions.
  • No Disruption – We understand downtime means loss of income. Therefore, our approach is to help you migrate with minimal to no downtime. Disruption of work is not an acceptable scenario.
  • Full Compliance – We help mitigate risk to your business by ensuring up-to-date apps and processes. This way, you get the added advantage of being fully compliant with the stringent rules of governance.
  • Leveraging New Technologies – By leveraging the power of new technologies employed by Oamii Technologies, you will be able to make your business more agile, maximize the ROI, and automate processes.

Cloud Migration Is A Tricky Task – We Make It Easy

The process of Cloud Migration is challenging. There are numerous hidden issues that can crop up at any moment and increase your downtime. Similarly, problems too can emerge at the drop of a hat. Since Cloud Migration is our core job, we know it inside out and also how to make things work. We know of all the possible outcomes and have a ready solution for the problems. Some challenges that we foresee with cloud migration are:

  • Aligning your data center’s and cloud provider’s virtual networks.
  • Setting up deployment templates that will align with your SLAs.
  • Determining the Cloud identity access management roles and the related permissions.

Oamii Technologies does not believe in jumping the ship and asking questions later. Instead, we plan, strategize, run mock scenarios, and once we are satisfied only then carry out the actual migration. With our detailed planning, we make cloud migration an easy job.