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Optimize Data Infrastructure To Maximize Performance

Data Management Optimization(DMO)

Managing production applications on older database versions and operating systems can degrade the performance of your IT infrastructure. Data Management Optimization is the process of upgrading your database and modernizing the infrastructure to improve the overall performance and reduce operating costs.

Challenges With Data Management Optimization

Database Migration, Upgradation, and Moving To The cloud solutions can be troublesome for any organization. You need to understand the prevailing solution and have expertise in the new operating environment. There will be a risk of unplanned downtime and compatibility issues with existing processes if not done correctly.

Businesses find themselves in an unsafe position with their data and applications being exposed to the inherent threat of software hazards and breakdowns.

Our Approach To Data Management Optimization

Our experts will monitor your SQL server, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases and understand your current data infrastructure. It is followed by reviewing the network bandwidth, software, hardware, CPU usage, memory, and disk latency.

We then perform extensive analysis based on the metrics gathered to compare existing capacity to future state environments using the latest technologies.

Our team of certified professionals will then provide various options and high-quality data-driven recommendations, including virtualizing servers, deploying servers on cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform(GCP). We also look into the options of consolidating databases onto larger servers if required.

Data Management Optimization Services For Following Platforms

  • AWS Data Management Optimization: Our data management optimization team can help you with database upgradation, database consolidation, and database migration to AWS. We use proven systems to migrate your older application databases to the AWS environment. We analyze the workload usage data and compute the estimated operating costs.
  • Google Cloud Data Management Optimization: We help you migrate your old SQL, MYSQL, and PostgreSQL database servers to the Google cloud platform. Our database management optimization team audits your existing infrastructure and provides recommendations to optimize the performance.
  • Data Management Optimization for Microsoft Data Platform – We help you in upgrading or migrating your old SQL server databases to a Microsoft Azure environment for greater scale and security. We provide database consolidation services that can reduce licensing costs while improving performance.

Why Choose Oamii Technologies

  • Experienced Professionals: When you partner with us for data management optimization services, we ensure that you will be working with experienced and certified professionals. Our team at Oamii Technologies audits your data infrastructure and provides recommendations to optimize the performance.
  • Fast and Secure Solutions: We value your time and understand that time is money. We propose fast, scalable, secure, and intelligent IT infrastructure solutions with proper strategy and planning.
  • A Trusted Name: Our reputation in the field of Data infrastructure and management solutions is impeccable. You can place your trust in Oamii technologies and trust us with your business.

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