Data Warehouse Consulting Driving You Towards New Age Solutions

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Data Warehouse Consulting Driving You Towards New Age Solutions

Harnessing the power of Business Intelligence (BI) is not possible without data. One could say, if BI is the front end of the business, then the data warehouse that supports it is the back end. Being behind the scenes does not take away from its relevance. Analytics and insights that will carve your business’s future are driven by the data extracted from these warehouses. Nonetheless, over the past few years, it has become glaringly apparent that the traditional data warehouse’s limited capabilities fall short in providing accurate insights. As a result, its evolution does not come across as a surprise.

Data Warehouse Consulting For New Age Solutions

Presently, every business needs a customized data warehouse with a solid data model and BI framework. The smart database should have an easy-to-integrate architecture because the data is spread over several sources and needs to be consolidated as per need. After all, the wise don’t keep all their eggs in the same basket.

When the need arises (which is never-ending) for real-time information, bringing it together from different sources and processing it to gain insights seems impossible without expert guidance. This cumulative complexity of building, storing, and managing several databases over different platforms requires the help of a data warehouse consulting expert. This consultant can help you and your business exploit every opportunity by helping you leverage the combined power of your data warehouses.

Designing Data Architecture

An ideal data structure design will allow for seamless integration of information and quick loading times. To achieve these two objectives, most businesses depend on data integration tools. As and when they encounter problems, their quick-fix solution is to buy fast CPUs, more memory, and faster disks. This approach is wrong because soon enough, these quick-fix solutions will also fall short. Instead, the time demands a different approach where:

  • Data processing is minimal to update the database.
  • Loading of data on the database is fast for efficient integration.

What businesses need now is to embrace the CDC (Change Data Capture) method. This way, only that which is not already recorded will be stored. It will also highlight the surpluses and duplicates created over the years, which now you can get rid of easily and gain more storage.

Companies usually are hesitant about restructuring their old data warehouses, which were built using absolute data reloads. Some are recreating data marts and cubes time and again. These old approaches stand in the way of achieving a futuristic design for data architecture.

It’s time to leave behind what is obsolete to make space for new and upcoming. What one needs today is a data architecture design that will pull data from the source systems and load it quickly into your data warehouse environment.

New Age Data Warehousing 

The traditional knowledge on designing, building, and implementing data warehouse and BI solutions is driven by the collective increase in experience-based wisdom of the IT industry as a whole. They apply this intelligence to every business and industry. Herein lies the root of all problems. Every business does not have similar needs, and neither do they all face the same set of situations. So conventional thinking cannot apply to all.

The time calls for new-age data warehousing solutions. What you want is an enterprise data warehouse that allows accurate and in-depth predictive analysis. This data warehouse would permit core teams to use conditional modeling and data-backed forecasting for driving business and consequently market decisions. You get exactly this and much more when you bring Data Lake Strategy into play. All the data of an enterprise, irrespective of its structure (raw, semi-structured, or structured), can be mined from a single source. In turn, it will give you strategic insights into improving campaign performance, reducing churn, and increasing revenue by providing a 360-degree view of your customer.

GDPR Compliance

Collecting data is no more a simple task anymore. Data privacy rules have made it mandatory to adhere to the EU’s GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation policy. Typically, every business would require to set up a complicated process to comply with each GDPR request. Nonetheless, you no longer have to worry about that with a well-designed data warehouse as all business units will look for the data in the same place.

Even The Non-Tech Employees Stand To Gain

Data is not only needed by the finance and marketing departments but also by others. The HR department can use it to figure out ways to retain employees and hire new talent. Managers can make decisions on increasing the plant size or store size, etc. The point is – data from the warehouse can be used by all irrespective of which department they hail from. If they want to present a decision based on data, they will find every bit of information in the data warehouse.

Takeaway – Data Warehouse Consulting For Driving New Age Solutions

From all we discussed above, it is easy to infer that every business has unique requirements, demanding customized data warehouse solutions. In all this, no business is ready to compromise on quick loading times, seamless data integration, optimum application performance, data security, scalability, and cost-efficiency. So the task on hand to build a data architecture that meets all demands is more than what the in-house IT team can handle. They have other equally critical jobs to complete, which will take a back seat.

The most cost-efficient solution lies in data warehouse consulting. These contractors excel in all things data. With their help, you can get the best solutions for handling your data. They can further assist you in combining BI, ETL, analytics, and data mining tools to your advantage. There is no reason not to let the experts do what they do the best, especially when they can help your business achieve new heights.

If your business finds it troublesome to handle diverse data and its sheer volume is leaving you stumped, get expert help from Oamii Technologies. We can help you design and build a data warehouse architecture that meets all your business demands and arms you with the power to utilize real-time data for actionable insights. To get in touch with your future, call us at 561-228-4111.