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Data Warehouse Migration

If you are thinking of migrating to a cloud-based data warehouse, it is because you know how difficult and expensive it is to maintain the on-premises data warehouse. Data warehouse technologies in the Cloud have been built from the root level to address the constraints and limitations of the conventional on-premises data warehouse. With the convenience of paying for only what you use, a separation between Cloud Computing (compute) and actual data storage, and support for all the unstructured data, the Cloud data warehouses are the best solution to get your enterprise soaring with a power-packed performance.

Why You Need Oamii Technologies

Once you have decided to move from your existing data warehouse to another, several opportunities will arise where you will have to make critical decisions. Each wrong decision can be a potential cause of failure. Hence, no matter how simple the concept of data warehouse migration sounds, it really isn’t so. At such a time, have an expert guiding you through all the possible pitfalls, and even better, taking care of them will make the transition a smooth and stress-free process.

The Data Warehouse Migration experts at Oamii Technologies have the necessary skills, training, and experience to plan, implement, and execute your migration project from beginning to end.

Data Warehouse Migration Platforms

  • Google Data Warehouse Solutions – BigQuery is a wholly managed, multi-cloud, and serverless data warehouse developed by Google. It is a PaaS or Platform as a Service that allows superfast SQL queries through ANSI SQL. With built-in machine learning capabilities, BigQuery is sure to help you achieve big wins.
  • Amazon Data Warehouse Solutions – Amazon Redshift is a wholly managed cloud-based data warehouse service from AWS that deals in petabyte-scale data. You begin with a small amount of data, maybe a few hundred gigabytes, and ramp it up to a petabyte or more. The more the data, the greater and better the insights for both the business and its customers. Irrespective of the data set’s size, Amazon Redshift gives you quick query execution using the very same tools and BI (Business Intelligence) apps as you are using today.
  • Microsoft Data Warehouse Solutions – For every enterprise that desires data-driven digital transformation, modernizing its data warehouse strategy is imperative. Today, businesses employ Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, earlier known as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, to achieve this aim. With this cutting-edge tool, one can construct new data warehouses in the cloud, migrate their on-premises or any other existing enterprise data warehouse to Microsoft Azure Synapse.

Let’s Get Started

  • Migrating To Google Cloud – Want To Move to BigQuery? Oamii Technologies can help you through seamlessly.
  • Migrating To Amazon Redshift – Place your trust in Oamii Technologies for safe and secure migration of your Teradata, Netezza data, etc., to Amazon Redshift.
  • Migrating To Microsoft DW Technologies – Concerned about your present data warehouse solutions? Let Oamii Technologies help you move to Azure Synapse Analytics.

Oamii Technologies specialists are here to ensure that your data warehouse transition happens without any hiccups and bumps.