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Database Migration

Simply put, database migration is moving or transferring of data from one platform to another. Usually, the information stored in the source databases is moved to one or more target databases. When the migration is complete, the dataset that was originally in the source database dwells entirely in the target databases, though it might be in a restructured form.

Why Database Migration Is Necessary

Data migration is a diktat of times. It is essential because it is a vital component of modernizing and strengthening the server and storage hardware. If you wish to create a data-driven environment in your enterprise by adding data-intensive applications like data warehouses and data lakes, or large-scale virtualization projects, you need to think of database migration actively.

Oamii Technologies Can Help

When you work alongside Oamii Technologies, we help you migrate with confidence. Database migration is a small part of the application modernization efforts, yet a very critical part. Our Database Migration experts are well aware of its vital role and that every database migration project is unique.

On the basis of your business needs, our experts will provide you with choices for your database migration project. It can be a simple database conversion or creating multiple levels of interoperability, or it can be a complete “face-lift,” including full transferring of applications and data. The choice is yours to make, and we will guide you through the complete journey.

Advantages Of Database Migration

The most common reasons why enterprises favor database migrations are:

  • Slash the cost of maintaining the databases.
  • Minimizing associated risks.
  • On the whole, improve the system’s performance.
  • Guarantee smooth and harmonious scalability of your applications.
  • Be in sync with the current industry standards and safety protocols.
  • Build a universally accessible solution.
  • Upgrade to the latest database software version.
  • Accept and implement swift and reliable cloud services.

Featured Database Migration Services

  • Database Migration To AWS – Being an Amazon Web Services certified partner is no small deal. Our experts are well-versed in using AWS Database Migration Services and AWS Schema Conversion Tool. With our aid, you can move your capacities to the Amazon-based cloud quickly and efficiently.
  • Database Migration To SQL Server – We are a certified Microsoft partner for moving Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Access, and Sybase. When it’s time to move your database Oamii Technologies has you covered.
  • Database Migration To Google Cloud – Oamii Technologies can help you take advantage of the benefits of the Google Cloud Platform. We can assist you in transferring your workloads to either Cloud Database or Compute Engine. Our experienced team can “lift and shift” your databases with ease.

Why Oamii Technologies

If you are looking for reasons to work with us, here are a few for your consideration:

  • We Play To Win – Partnering with us is a guarantee that you will succeed. Since we play to win, we use our knowledge, experience, best industry tools, and strategic planning to execute database migrations.
  • Customized Solutions – We offer customized solutions to cater to every budget. We cover every need, from tailored to open scope packages.