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Database Upgrade

Running out of support or old database software can land a business in a soup. The outdated software not just puts your system at risk of security attacks but also points towards the business being non-compliant. Oamii Technologies can help you make the most of your database by upgrading and optimizing it.

Challenges In Database Upgrade

A database upgrade is usually a source of inconvenience for any organization. It can lead to an increase in downtime, compatibility issues, and functional modifications. Nevertheless, it still needs to be done.

Typically, we see enterprises having a difficult time when working alone to upgrade their databases. Their main points of struggle are:

  • Estimating The Cost Of Upgrading – Attempting to produce a financial model to predict the cost of upgrading your database servers is next to impossible if you don’t have data on your current database landscape. This prevents comparison between the present state and the future state solutions. Not knowing where the changes lay makes it tricky to succeed in predicting the cost of the upgrade.
  • Identifying Applications Not Requiring Any Change – Despite the need for a database upgrade, some applications will not be affected. These applications will support the newer and more current versions of the database engine. Yet, the problem is felt in identifying these applications that will not require any modifications.
  • Keeping The Downtime Minimal – Usually, enterprises have multiple databases, and this is a common practice. The problem comes when multiple databases have to be upgraded. To reduce downtime, one will have to automate the deployment of the present production server to the updated server.

Oamii Technologies Can Help

Starting the journey for upgrading the database engines is best done with an informed and experienced partner like Oamii Technologies. Our experts can help you in the following ways:

  • Provide Data For Taking Decisions – Using Database Management Systems, we monitor your environment for understanding the capacity needs of your business. It also allows us to present to you the data that is needed to make wise upgrade decisions.
  • Ensure There Are No Errors – When executing the database upgrade, we ensure that your applications continue to work seamlessly. If there are any problems, we address them immediately by identifying their underlying cause and fixing that which is in aberration.
  • Automate The Upgrade Process – We come to your rescue by automating the synchronization between the source databases and the target server. It permits a single-click switchover to the new and improved environment. All this is achieved within a couple of minutes of downtime irrespective of the size of the databases.

Oamii Technologies – Your Database Upgrade Partner

When you decide to employ our services for a smooth database upgrade, we work with you as a partner with a vested interest in your success. Our technical experts will first evaluate your present database environment. Their next step will involve protecting your existing database and carrying out the complete upgrade. You can rest assured, the entire upgrade will be done using our rich experience and best practices in the industry with cutting-edge tools.