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Creating the Perfect System For Your Business Needs.

Why Opt For Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform, also known as GCP, is one of the most prominent and prevalent cloud computing providers. It is used not only by the leading businesses but also by new start-ups. GCP guarantees trustworthy and consistent services. It is environment-friendly, using just half the energy of competitors, has decisive security measures to keep the customers secure, and a leader in innovations in big data and machine learning.

Need For Google Cloud Consulting

Moving your apps and processes, basically the workload, to Google Cloud is no child’s play. The success of your business is dependent on seamless and accurate migration and integration. At such times, help from professional Google Cloud Consultants can help you seize the opportunity and make the most of it. With our hands-on and experience-driven consulting, our clients are able to achieve cost efficiencies and swift migrations with minimal disruptions.

Prominent Google Technologies We Use

Our cloud architects have years of experience that will give you comprehensive and effective coverage throughout the Google Cloud, including its various aspects like data, applications, and infrastructure. Our key Google Cloud technologies are:

  • Google Data Warehouse Solutions – To boost the productivity of your data analysts, you need a scalable yet inexpensive serverless data warehouse. BigQuery is intended to serve precisely this dual-purpose, and Oamii Technologies can help you leverage it to your maximum advantage.
  • Google Cloud Data Platform – Cloud SQL, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, presents a high-performing, easy to access, and scalable infrastructure for executing processes and applications anywhere. Oamii Technologies can help you meet your cloud-based OLTP requirements by leveraging the offerings of Google Cloud. With our help, you can take advantage of SQL Server on Compute Engine and MySQL and PostgreSQL on managed cloud SQL services of Google.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – The SQL server database stores and retrieves all the data of your business. Oamii Technologies provides you expert help for the critical and indispensable Microsoft SQL Server installations in the form of Data Management Optimization, SQL Server Migration Support, SQL Server Health Check, etc.
  • Google Cloud Big Data – For powerful performance, you need to supplant your business with Google Cloud Big Data and potent analytics. It will build instant value for your corporate intelligence competencies. Oamii Technologies can help you enable real-time decision-making, along with trends identification and the creation of several data-mining models. All this is covered under the umbrella of Google Cloud Big Data solutions.

How Oamii Technologies Can Help

Oamii Technologies enjoys a thriving reputation and outstanding credentials when it comes to cloud computing. Our team of capable and experienced GCP consultants delivers top-notch services for businesses of varying sizes. No matter your requirement, we can step in at any time to lend a helping hand.

We spend time understanding your needs so that our GCP solutions complement and support your organization. With the help of Google Cloud Platform, we aim to create a robust and scalable infrastructure that is built to last.