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Google Cloud Data Platform

Oamii Technologies can help you adopt secure cloud-native services from Google and revolutionize the way in which your teams work. With our help, you will be able to unleash the power of data. By taking advantage of this platform, you can support and sustain your enterprise’s cloud-based OLTP needs.

Services For Google Cloud Data Platform

Here are some of the featured services from Oamii Technologies that will allow you to take advantage of the Google Cloud Data Platform for workloads related to transaction processing:

  • Migrating Your On-premise Databases To The Same Platform – If your DBAs are stretched thin, it’s time to share the burden with a trusted partner. You can unload your IT needs to Oamii Technologies’ consulting team, which has a proven track record in harnessing the power of best-in-class tools and solutions.
  • Moving Database From One Platform To Another – Sometimes, changing track is the best course of action. To gain the advantage of Google Cloud Platform, we can help you migrate your workloads and databases to Google Compute Engine or Google Cloud Database.
  • Database Consulting – We aim to help our clients leverage the Google Cloud Database Platform to their best advantage. To arrive at the best solution, we prepare developing cost estimate models for Google Cloud deployments on both SQL Server as well as Google Compute Engine.
  • DevOps – DevOps is a critical part of every agile app development project and life cycle. It aims to help enterprises automate the stages of application development, enhance the quality of code, lower downtime, and remove all errors. Oamii Technologies can help you build successful failover and recovery solutions.

Oamii Technologies Is Your Trusted Partner

Oamii Technologies is a Google Cloud Premier partner. We provide a full suite of services for the complete range of Google Cloud Solutions.

  • One-Stop-Shop – Oamii Technologies offers end-to-end services to help you make your cloud vision a reality on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Migration And Optimization – We assist you through the complete process of migration which involves planning, testing, and finally executing. Leaving no room for errors, we ensure a smooth transfer of data and process. Further, we help optimize your system through automation and analytics.
  • Tried And Tested Solutions – Oamii Technologies Google Cloud experts use only those solutions that are tried and tested for Google Cloud and have withstood even adverse instances. We guarantee proven solutions that will work, deliver, and supersede your expectations.
  • Faster Outcomes – With the tremendous experience we have gained in the field, our Google Cloud experts know fully well what works and what doesn’t. Hence, we don’t waste time experimenting. We believe in leveraging Google Cloud solutions like BigQuery via automation and helpful analytics.

See How Google Cloud Can Work For You

Using our knowledge, experience, and Google Cloud’s world-class products, we are here to create magic. Our solutions are tailor-made for each client, so what you get is a unique solution that suits your industry and workload. With data management, data optimization, and Google data analytics, you get a winning combination on hand.