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Big Wins With Faster And Better Analysis


BigQuery is a wholly managed, multi-cloud, and serverless data warehouse developed by Google. It is a PaaS or Platform as a Service that allows superfast SQL queries through ANSI SQL. With built-in machine learning capabilities, BigQuery is sure to help you achieve big wins.

Getting Started

Our Google Data Warehouse experts will first assess your present data warehouse and analytics solutions. Then, we work alongside your team to conceptualize and design a blueprint for the future for implementing BigQuery solutions. It will include:

  • Segregating data into on-premises and cloud data.
  • Optimizing the primary loading of data and creating a partitioning strategy to maintain a clear distinction.
  • Integrating your data with all the ancillary services from Google like Google Drive, Cloud Storage, and Cloud BigTable.
  • Designing a testing strategy for all your current applications.
  • Upgrading your present data warehouse features to ensure that they are completely supported and compliant using Google services.
  • Establishing Google Identity and Access Management security policies to fit your existing data warehouse solution.

Featured Services From Oamii Technologies For Google Data Warehouse Solutions

Some key services from Oamii Technologies as a part of Google Data Warehouse solutions are:

  • Migration Of Data Warehouse To Google – If you are thinking of moving your data from Teradata, Vertica, or Netezza warehouses to Google, you will benefit by taking our help. Oamii Technologies cloud specialists can help you move all your data smoothly and securely.
  • Migration To Google Cloud – When you join forces with us to migrate to Google Cloud Platform, we come to your rescue and advise you on ways to reduce time and eliminate risk. What you get, in turn, is peace of mind and the advantages of combined Google technologies.
  • Operational Data Management – If you want to exploit the diversity of Google Data Warehouse, you need a strong team with a diverse skill set. That is precisely what you get when you join hands with us. The experts at Oamii Technologies have been witnesses to your problems before. Our solutions worked for them and will work for you as well.
  • Database Consulting – When you migrate, you need help from experts who are well versed in the target as well as the source database platforms. These experts already know how to make things click like well-oiled machinery. Our data warehouse experts are not only knowledgeable, but they also have years of hands-on experience in handling data migration-related issues. With our expertise, you will be able to move faster and get better outcomes.

Associated BigQuery Technologies

Our data warehouse experts can help combine other technologies with BigQuery to capitalize on your data analytics results. Some of them are:

  • Google Cloud Big Data – Google Cloud Big Data and analytics services will help create instant value for your BI capabilities.
  • Google Data Studio – Google Data Studio makes use of your data and transforms it into actionable reports and informative dashboards.
  • Google Cloud Dataflow – Google Cloud Dataflow allows automation of data pipelines to decrease latency and increase utilization.