Infrastructure Management

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Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management is all about overseeing and managing vital operational components like people, processes, equipment, data, and policies in a proactive way. Its scope is quite wide and ranges from desktop to networking. It also includes storage, security, data, and cloud-based services. The aim of Infrastructure Management is to improve the overall effectiveness and bring down costs.

How Oamii Technologies Can Help

Oamii Technologies takes on the burden of IT infrastructure management, giving more time to Chief Information Officers (CIOs’) to focus on improving and executing their IT strategy. We help out with the whole shebang, right from planning to design of your business’s IT infrastructure to its daily upkeep and management on a remote basis.

Why Remote Infrastructure Management

If you are concerned about remote infrastructure management, allow us to put your fears to rest. It is financially and operationally the most viable choice.

  • Reduced Spending – With remote management, you don’t have to worry about purchasing new technologies and hiring additional office space to accommodate the IT team. Instead, all that is already taken care of by us. 
  • Operational Excellence – You gain access to professional expertise, top-of-the-line tools, and advanced approaches. In addition, you get a significant IT infrastructure evaluation which will help identify and remove operational issues.

Infrastructure Managed Services

  • IT Business Processes – Our IT Business Processes proposal covers IT cost reduction analysis and upgrade projects, along with Telecom Expense Management services.
  • End-User Support Services – Our End-User support services concentrate their efforts on the client’s external or internal end-users. The Service Desk will be the link between the IT support group and the end-user. It encompasses preliminary support, addressing process deficiencies, resolving service deterioration issues, or any such IT-related request where technical support is required.
  • Datacenter Operations – These services offer support related to the server, data storage, data backup and restoration, monitoring, and virtualization, both inside and outside the given data center. Additionally, Oamii Technologies also extends help to clients with respect to the design of the data center, its construction, operation, merging, and migration projects.
  • Cloud – Under this umbrella, we concentrate on helping our clients achieve the best of the Cloud. We offer design, application, and cloud migration services. Starting from strategizing to providing support and managing the Cloud-based services along with resources, we shall do it all.

Partnering With Oamii Technologies For Infrastructure Management

You need reasons to justify joining forces with us for Infrastructure Management; here they are:

  • Certified Experts – The people who will assist you in infrastructure management are all certified professionals. They have years of experience in executing and managing small to large-scale IT infrastructures.
  • Proactive Approach – Being proactive, we can prevent problems from occurring, so instances of incident handling are minimal.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Small business or big, it really doesn’t matter. We provide for both. Our solutions range from the very basic to enterprise-level complicated.
  • Process And Quality Alignment – We optimize processes using the Six Sigma methodology. To provide value to our clients, we also combine ITIL best practices.