Infrastructure Support Services

IT Infrastructure Support Consulting Services

Extending High-Performance IT Infrastructure Support

IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the very foundation supporting a system or a business. In computing, IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, operating system, data storage, networking components, and all other physical and virtual resources that are essential to delivering IT services and solutions.

Role Of Infrastructure Support Services

IT infrastructure support services aim to ensure the high performance and stability of your business’s on-premises, Cloud, or hybrid Information Technology environment. We extend IT infrastructure support services to amplify business productivity and minimize downtime by making the system reliable and always available.

Our IT Infrastructure Support

  • Fully Documented IT infrastructure and improvement in operating procedures:
    • SOPs for modification, incident and risk management, and its reporting.
    • Blueprints of network infrastructure.
    • Updated configuration management database.
    • Infrastructure upgrade and enhancement plans.
  • Guiding tools for the users:
    • A well-developed knowledge portal.
    • FAQs repository
    • Instruction manuals.
  • User satisfaction and implementation of improvements:
    • Assessments of user satisfaction with CSAT improvement plan.
  • Conformity with industry standards:
    • Appraisal of compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and such.
    • Compliance line-up proposals.
  • Routine and reliable reporting:
    • SLA reports.
    • Maintenance reports.
    • Server health check reports.
    • Security evaluation reports.
    • Incident case reports with proper root cause analysis.

Key Features Of Our Infrastructure Support Services

  • Preliminary Evaluation Of Support Viability – We evaluate and review the effect of our technical infrastructure support by assessing actual versus expected total Cost of ownership or TCOs. In case your IT infrastructure necessitates improvements or substantial changes, we formulate a justified Proof of Concept.
  • Emphasis On Long-Term IT Support – Having strong and stable Information Technology Service Management or ITSM processes and several experienced IT professionals on board, we guarantee superior service scalability and effective management of long-term IT support projects and ventures.

Choose Your Option

  • One Time IT Infrastructure Support – We carry out the design, assessment, and prototyping of your cloud project. Additionally, also cover cloud migration and optimization along with enhancement of your existing IT infrastructure. Our related services include Cloud migration, Cloud consulting, AWS consulting, and Azure consulting.
  • On-Going IT Infrastructure Support – We provide both co-managed and managed infrastructure support and fill the gaps or shortcomings in your IT support resources. Our main areas of concern are L1 to L3 IT support and monitoring the administration and optimization of your enterprise’s IT infrastructure. Our related services include Managed IT Services, IT Helpdesk Services, AWS Managed Services, and Azure Managed Services.

Why Choose Oamii Technologies

  • Experienced Professionals – When you partner with us for Infrastructure support services, we guarantee that you will only be working with experienced professionals. Our specialists are some of the best in the industry, and you are bound to benefit from their expertise.
  • A Trusted Name – We are a company in which you can place your trust. Our reputation in the field is impeccable, and you can trust us with your business.
  • Fast, Smart, And Secure IT Solutions – We don’t believe in wasting either your time or ours. We propose fast, intelligent, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure solutions with proper planning and strategizing.