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Efficient, Reliable & Scalable Microsoft SQL Server Consulting

Oamii Technologies Makes A Difference

When you join hands with us, you don’t get a vendor. You get a partner…a partner who is interested in the well-being of your business. We can augment your legacy system or cloud SQL Server architecture with our Microsoft SQL Server consulting services. Our services are garnered towards providing migration solutions, training, and support to ensure a smooth roll-over.

We have a dedicated team of certified and thoroughly professional Microsoft SQL Server Consulting experts. With their help you will be able to overcome skill shortages, decrease response time, improve application performance, reduce operating costs, and alleviate risk to your SQL Server technologies.

Benefits You Can Derive From Microsoft SQL Server Consulting

  • Lower Database Server Licensing Cost – Many enterprises don’t clearly know the size of the cloud that will support its functions. They land up provisioning for enormous workload and, as a result, have to pay the high licensing cost. Our data-optimized management solution observes the workload on your SQL Server. This observation allows us to determine the best way to combine multiple databases into one SQL server, thereby bringing down the licensing cost.
  • Best Practice Sharing – Often, enterprises are not fully aware of the best practices in disaster recovery, application performance improvement, infrastructure, and auditing. Our experts collate your database and server configuration along with its layout. Using this data, we establish the best practices and propose solutions. The best part is that you can use the same data to ensure compliance.
  • Making Your SQL Server Current – Sometimes, due to oversight, enterprises continue running unsupported and outdated SQL server versions. Doing so can put you at for not following data governance policies. At Oamii Technologies, we help our clients upgrade their SQL Server versions while ensuring the high-performance of the applications and minimal downtime.
  • Migrating From Different Platforms – Businesses migrate from one platform to another to save licensing costs. Most prefer moving to Microsoft SQL server to take advantage of its cutting edge features. With our aid, you can complete the migration process quickly and with relative ease.

How We Can Help

  • Smooth Migrations – When you work with Oamii Technologies, there are no unpleasant surprises. Before actual migration, we plan, test, and rehearse the migration to the most up-to-date version of Microsoft SQL Server. Once we are completely satisfied, only then the actual migration is executed.
  • Management And Analysis Of Data – Our DBA team is singularly qualified to help you prototype, tune, deploy, and provide continuous management of data analysis services.
  • Data Integration Control – With assistance from Oamii Technologies’ expert DBAs, you can always keep in control of data integrations. We can help you move packages easily between development, test, and actual production environments.
  • Keeping Your Data Safe – Through any phase of Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server data replication or vice-versa, you will have our complete support. Keeping your data safe and secure is of prime importance, and no stone is left unturned in ensuring it.