Modernization Consulting Services

Improving The IT Infrastructure

Why You Need Modernization Services

In order to stay on the top of your game, your IT infrastructure should be in sync with the times. You can’t be satisfied with what you have because others are transforming to become even better. A consultant, like Oamii Technologies, with unmatched experience, can help redesign your IT setup using the latest trends and top-of-the-line tools. Some reasons why our clients opt for modernization services are:

  • To be compliant and meet the strict governance standards by ensuring high availability of systems and enhancing security.
  • To make the business more agile by leveraging cloud services and related technologies.
  • To utilize cloud data for enforcing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning.
  • To reduce the operating costs by migrating to a more economical, modern, and efficient data platform.

Key Modernization Services

  • Cloud Migration – In the current competitive scenario, every business needs to be agile to succeed. With the correct guidance and assistance from the experts at Oamii Technologies, you shall be able to leverage the power of Google Cloud Data Platform, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services to increase both the capabilities and the agility of your business. We can help you migrate smoothly and swiftly.
  • Database Migration – Database migration typically happens as a part of application improvement efforts. Oamii Technologies takes a personal interest in your enterprise’s migration strategy. We fully comprehend that each data migration is unique. Therefore we use the winning combination of accelerated ROI and innovation to help meet your business requirements.
  • Data Warehouse Migration – Data warehouses are the lifeblood of your business. You can’t take any chances with these migrations. Data Warehouse Migration specialists at Oamii Technologies will own this task and ensure the effortless and flawless movement of your existing data warehouse to either an on-premises or public cloud platform.
  • Database Upgrade – Running outdated software is always a problem. It means that your business is not compliant with the new regulations, and there is always the added risk of security attacks. To overcome this deficiency, Oamii Technologies can help upgrade and optimize your databases. It will lower the costs and increase the uptime.

Why Oamii Technologies

If you want to know why we are your best choice, here are your reasons:

  • Experienced Professionals – We don’t call ourselves experts and specialists without a good reason. Every person working on your project is an experienced professional, which gives them deeper insight into the world of the Cloud and migrations. We are also a certified Microsoft partner, AWS partner, and Google Cloud Platform partner.
  • Attention To Detail – Since we know it is the small things that make the deck of cards unstable, our focus is both on the big picture and the small but critical details.
  • Customized Solutions – We don’t have one solution for all. Instead, we understand your business needs and customize a solution.
  • We Know What We Are Doing – We don’t believe in talking big and throwing words. We know what you need, and we can help you reach there faster and with fewer problems.