MySQL Managed Consulting Services

Oamii has developed countless applications for customers using the MySQL platform


MySQL is an open-source RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). It is by far the most popular of its kind because of its comprehensive support, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. To gain more value on-premise or in the cloud, you should be able to take complete control of your MySQL databases.

Benefits Of Partnering With Oamii Technologies

  • Correct Deployment Of Application Developer Database – Setting up and running MySQL is the easy part. The tricky part is ascertaining the best practices. Many times developers overlook those details that DBAs swear by, and in doing so, app performance suffers, compliance issues crop up, and at times the risk of attack to your server increases. Our team of DBA experts has been doing this job day in and day out. We have combined the best practices in the industry with our experience to give you a flawless application developer database deployment.
  • Choosing Database Migration Based On Needs And Cost – Managed services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud have their own licensing cost structure. Hence, care must be taken while deciding which applications to move and to which platform. Ideally, such a decision should take into consideration the application needs and what the migration would cost. We can help you make this decision based on our assessment of your MySQL database performance. We use metrics like memory usage, disk latency, network latency, etc., to identify those databases that are cloud-ready and for which cloud, i.e., AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
  • Leveraging Our Experience For Solutions That Evolve – Our MySQL specialists can tackle any problem swiftly and effectively. The solutions that we deliver will evolve as you grow. Moreover, all our efforts aim at maximizing your value no matter whether you migrate, add, or retire your databases.
  • Our MySQL Experts Are An Extension Of Your Team – During the migration and thereafter, if need be, our MySQL specialists will work alongside your team, onsite or remotely, employing a secure and safe delivery framework. We shall always keep you well-informed with clear and concise reports. Moreover, with the help of our transparent processes, you shall also know the current health of your system.

How MySQL Managed Services Are Making A Difference

If your customers are constantly complaining about the long processing times, you are in dire need of MySQL. Similarly, if the rolling out of new applications is not happening fast enough. MySQL will save the day. Oamii Technologies’ MySQL managed services can help you achieve both objectives and much more.

Helping You At Every Step

  • Full-Suite MySQL DBA Services – We offer a full suite of MySQL services right from design, configuration, planning, monitoring to automation, and much more. With our top-notch technical competence and support, you can rest easy.
  • Start On The Right Foot – Our MySQL experts don’t leave anything to chance. We carry out capacity planning, server health checks, security assessments, and various other activities along with audit and reviews.
  • Cloud Management Through MySQL Services – We provide several cloud management and consulting services in migrating to and from MySQL.