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Preparing For A Brighter Future With Network Management

Network Management

Network management is the practice of overseeing, controlling, and running a data network using a network management system. Modern-day network management systems make use of hardware and software to continuously gather and evaluate data and recommend configuration changes for enhancing performance, security, and reliability.

Purpose Of Network Management

The whole and sole purpose of network management is to confirm that the Information Technology side of the business is set up in a robust and rational way. This will ensure minimum disruptions, high performance and help your company steer clear of security issues.

Do You Need Network Management Services

As a business owner, if you feel that your company is facing any one or more of the following challenges, reliable Network Management Services will be a Godsend answer.

  • Failsafe Internet Access Configuration.
  • Failsafe Network configuration.
  • Failsafe Remote Access Configuration.
  • Unauthorized or illicit Network Access Protection.

How Oamii Technologies Can Help

Oamii Technologies can help you secure your company’s internal network and internet access. Certified professionals will handle your network solution to make it reliable. We provide two main services to achieve this aim:

  • Present security assessment.
  • Provide sound and secure failsafe network solutions undertaking its design, development, and final implementation.

Our Featured Network Management Services

  • Design, configuration, implementation, and optimization of the network.
  • Network integration and migration.
  • On-premises and remote network management.
  • Management of LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network).
  • Management of SAN (Storage Area Network).
  • Continuous monitoring of the network with troubleshooting, incident reporting, and its root cause analysis.
  • Management of network utilization and its availability along with performance and capacity management.
  • Minimizing risks through risk assessment and preventive management.
  • Change and configuration management.
  • Non-stop ticket management for issues.
  • Disaster recovery.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Network Management Services

  • Low Costs – Maintaining a full-scale in-house network management team means more spending on office space, equipment, and people. By outsourcing, you can save a large part of the cost as now you pay only for the services.
  • Lesser Need For Technical Resources – Hiring experienced technical resources is always a challenge. You can overcome it by outsourcing the job. Now, it is the vendor’s concern, and you can breathe easy.
  • Increase Efficiency Even While Moving To New Technologies – Any change in technology means hiring new staff, training the old employees, increase in budgets, etc. Outsourcing helps cut down on all the additional work and reduces the time it takes to implement the change.
  • Better Compliance And Security – Outsourcing network management services allows for embracing best practices, well-timed audits, and updated security standards. The service provider will have a vested interest in ascertaining your business’s compliance.

Why Choose Oamii Technologies For Network Management Services

  • High Project Quality Standards – At Oamii Technologies, we don’t believe in mediocre services. We adhere to the highest quality standards. Right from the beginning, we give you our very best.
  • Complete Transparency – We maintain complete transparency with the clients through regular reports. At all times, you will be kept in the loop with what is happening and how.