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What Is OLTP Database?

OLTP or Online Transaction Processing is an operational entity supporting applications that are transaction-oriented in a 3-tier architecture. It helps in data processing and executing transaction-focused jobs. All enterprises, big or small, churn out large quantities of data, all of which is cataloged. It forms a database.  The OLTP database facilitates real-time implementation and execution of large volumes of database transactions by numerous people, usually over the internet.

Importance Of OLTP Database

The power and strength of an OLTP database lie in the fact that it makes possible fast and instantaneous transactional processing. It promises speed and delivers outstandingly on it with a response time of sub-seconds.

The Need For OLTP Database Consulting

Online Transaction Processing workloads comprise numerous small transactions that run in tandem. Hence, OLTP databases should be able to process the queries faster without compromising the integrity of data in multi-access and multi-user environments.

The effectiveness of OLTP systems is measured in terms of the number of TPS or Transactions Per Second. The overall performance of the database is influenced by the disk and network latency, CPU utilization, memory, etc. With so many factions having a role to play, every business that wishes to find the perfect OLTP solution in minimal time needs OLTP Database consulting services.

Database Services We Provide

These are just some of the database services that Oamii Technologies extends to its clients for the online transaction process:

  • Oracle – If you are looking to transfer your Oracle databases to the cloud, Oamii Technologies can help. Oracle Cloud Platform is one of our key areas of expertise. We fully comprehend the cloud computing infrastructure and can help you migrate smoothly and securely.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – Oamii Technologies can help you make the most of Microsoft SQL Server migration by database server license optimization, migrating from a different database platform, upgrading old SQL server versions, leveraging best practices, etc.
  • My SQLMySQL is an open-source database, often a preferred choice for most businesses. Oamii Technologies can help you leverage its tools for source control and performance management of the application. We can help deploy application developer databases with relative ease and integrate machine learning with MySQL.
  • AWS RDS PlatformAWS RDS platform gives one the freedom to your database on Aurora, E2C, and RDS. Oamii Technologies can help you by optimizing the database solutions. For example, we can figure out the best cloud size and determine the correct type of AWS to suit the needs of your enterprise.
  • Google Cloud Data Platform – To maximize the advantages of a wholly managed SQL, MySQL, and  PostgreSQL on Google cloud, you need assistance from the cloud consulting experts at Oamii Technologies. We can support all your cloud-based OLTP demands by exploiting the Google Cloud Data Platform.

What You Get

Making a choice becomes easy when you know what exactly you are getting in turn. So here’s what you get:

  • Digital transformation with cutting-edge technology.
  • Operational data management and optimization.
  • Smooth and secure migration.