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Oamii Technologies’ modernization and infrastructure management services enable companies to make systems and process future ready. We helped numerous customers worldwide in cloud and database migration, database upgradation, cloud infrastructure management, and network management services.

Our Services

We are specialists in successfully deploying modernization and infrastructure management services to startups and growing companies. Our cost effective strategies help businesses increase business agility and innovate faster. Explore our featured services:

1. Modernization Services: In order to stay on the top of your game, your IT infrastructure should be in sync with the times. You can’t be satisfied with what you have because others are transforming to become even better. A consultant, like Oamii Technologies, with unmatched experience can help redesign your IT setup using the latest trends and top-of-the-line tools. Our modernization services include:

2. Infrastructure Management Services: Infrastructure management is all about overseeing and managing the vital operational components like people, processes, equipment, data, and policies in a proactive way. Its scope is quite broad and ranges from desktop to networking. It also includes storage, security, data, and cloud-based services. The aim of Infrastructure Management is to improve the overall effectiveness and bring down costs. Our infrastructure management services include:

Why Choose Oamii Technologies

Oamii Technologies is an exclusive hub of top dedicated professionals in modernization services and IT infrastructure management. You will get access to highly skilled on-demand teams to build sustainable, secure, and strategic digital solutions.

Cloud Computing is powerful and is here to stay. It will continue to grow in the future and provide many benefits. Cloud computing is incredibly cost-effective, and businesses can use it for their growth. As a partner of Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure(MZ), and Google Cloud Platform(GCP), we can help you streamline your journey to the cloud.

With the help of cloud computing platforms, our team at Oamii Technologies will help you can increase scalability and serve several thousand to millions of users with ease. You can achieve seamless experience and high availability by operating modern applications and infrastructure using cloud computing. Our cloud consulting and implementation services will help you cut down the costs and gain high ROI. We help you stay secure and compliant with a straightforward cloud security roadmap.

Our Partners and Technologies

We have strong relationships with our world-class technology partners that enable our team to add agility and speed to your software solutions. As a partner, we gain access to the latest developments, training, and best practices to help your enterprise thrive.

  • Microsoft Partner: Accelerate business excellence through automation and analytics using Microsoft Azure’s cloud-native specialties.
  • AWS Partner: Take complete advantage of the capabilities of Amazon Web Services. We help you plan, build, and maintain workloads on the AWS platform.
  • Google Cloud Platform Partner: Manage, analyze, and employ your data with end-to-end services and solutions for critical cloud solutions.

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