Snowflake Datawarehouse Consulting Service

Mobilizing Data For Business Advancement


Snowflake is a prominent Software as a Service (SaaS) data warehouse solution. Natively designed and built for the Cloud, it allows data storage, data processing, and analytical solutions that are swift, easy to use, and way more flexible and adaptable than conventional ones.

Key Features Of Snowflake

  • Since it was built for the Cloud, one does not have to purchase and maintain any hardware or software.
  • It is known for its simplicity, affordability, concurrency, and superior performance.
  • It consists of three distinctive layers. Cloud Services deals with access, security, and optimization. Compute is for processing queries and Data Storage for storing information.
  • It has the capability to rapidly and effortlessly alter role, database, warehouse, and schema contingent on needs.

If you want to leverage the power of Snowflake’s modern cloud architecture, along with the power of data warehousing, big data platforms, and the flexibility of the cloud, you need expert assistance and guidance. Oamii Technologies data warehouse experts can help you win end-to-end services with the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.

How Oamii Technologies Can Help

  • Support From Experienced Teams – If you want to work with a team of certified and experienced professionals, Oamii Technologies is sure to surpass your expectations. Our data and cloud experts will help deploy Snowflake irrespective of which cloud you choose.
  • Risk Mitigation – Eliminate the risk in your project. Oamii Technologies Snowflake experts can help build a sound base for swift migrations or deployments. We will help optimize the architecture to guarantee that all your business goals with your choice of the cloud data platform are met.
  • Faster Time To Value – Our proven processes, automation, and unrivaled cloud expertise will pave the way for the quickest time to value.

How You Benefit From Snowflake

  • Easy And Scalable – Snowflake is not only easy to use but also a highly scalable platform.
  • Mix The Data – When you use Snowflake, you can mix and combine your data warehouse with a data lake without any problems.
  • Meets All Your Business Needs – Snowflake is a platform that meets all your needs from A to Z. It builds your business’s single point source of facts across all locations and cloud services.
  • Runs On Any Cloud – The only DWaaS (Data Warehouse as a Service) that runs on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services is Snowflake.

Cloud Choices With Snowflake

  • Data Sharing – Snowflake allows cross-region and cross-cloud data sharing. It means even if your data is stored in more than one Cloud, it will still be replicated automatically. Think of it like this, even when the whole or separate clouds are down, Snowflake will still be churning out workload after workload.
  • Performance – Snowflake benefits its users by giving consistent Service Level Agreements and anticipated performance. It automatically takes care of all issues that arise. It means that no backups are needed, and yet the users can create copies to restore them when needed.
  • Automatic Clustering – Automatic clustering in Snowflake enables independent or autonomous compute clusters to read, write, and, if need be, resize instantaneously.