Oamii Technologies is best known for successfully executing numerous database migration solutions, database development, and data management services for growing businesses across the world. Our mission is to help businesses thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Our Technology Solutions

We are committed to driving you on your journey by utilizing the latest cloud technologies. As a partner of Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services, we are fully prepared to accelerate your business and optimize your IT infrastructure. Check out our technology solutions and how we can help you build secure and scalable cloud infrastructures.

  • Cloud Platforms: A dramatic shift that any company can face today is shifting to the cloud. Cloud infrastructure can help you reduce the time taken to market the new apps and features. There is no requirement to build and maintain a platform for your code. The decision to migrate is strategic, giving you the benefits of favorable economics, agility, and scalability. It all sounds fascinating and easy, but the truth is that integrating the public and private cloud and the legacy IT system is quite challenging. Oamii Technologies can help you in this painful journey with its cloud consulting services.
  • OLTP Databases: The power and strength of an OLTP database lie in the fact that it makes possible fast and instantaneous transactional processing. It promises speed and delivers outstandingly on it with a response time of sub-seconds. At Oamii Technologies, we have the expertise and experience to help you get the most out of your Data infrastructure.
  • Data Warehouse: Oamii Technologies can help you access the data stored in data warehouses, operational data, and dark data using innovative and cutting-edge solutions from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. With our help, you can now turn your business into an utterly data-driven business.

Why Choose Oamii Technologies

Oamii Technologies is an exclusive hub of top dedicated professionals in database management and IT infrastructure optimization. You will get access to highly skilled on-demand teams to build sustainable, secure, and strategic digital solutions.

We provide high quality, cost effective, and reliable result oriented database technology solutions to help you thrive and accelerate your business in ever-changing tech driven markets. Run your databases smoothly and achieve operational excellence at any scale.

We got you covered with IT infrastructure management, cloud platforms, OLTP database management, and data warehouse solutions.

Our Partners and Technologies

We have strong relationships with our world-class technology partners that enable our team to add agility and speed to your software solutions. As a partner, we gain access to the latest developments, training, and best practices to help your enterprise thrive.

  • Microsoft Partner: Accelerate business excellence through automation and analytics using Microsoft Azure‚Äôs cloud-native specialties.
  • AWS Partner: Take complete advantage of the capabilities of Amazon Web Services. We help you plan, build, and maintain workloads on the AWS platform.
  • Google Cloud Platform Partner: Manage, analyze, and employ your data with end-to-end services and solutions for critical cloud solutions.

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