4 Snowflake-adjacent Technologies You Need To Know About: Hvr, Riversand, Altr, And Sisu

Snowflake adjacent Technologies

4 Snowflake-adjacent Technologies You Need To Know About: Hvr, Riversand, Altr, And Sisu

When it comes to data warehousing, Snowflake is a powerhouse. It is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure and is fast becoming one of the top contenders in the race for the best. The most enticing part of using Snowflake is that it pairs beautifully with several adjacent technologies making it an even more potent answer to all your data warehousing problems.

There are several tools one can use with Snowflake to enhance the complete package. You can also hire a Snowflake consulting firm to handle the task and provide guidance. Today, we talk about the four Snowflake adjacent technologies which we consider exceptional and worth your time.


HVR is a robust enterprise data integration software. It is a data replication tool for combining diverse data sources and databases. HVR allows organizations to recognize and achieve the true potential of their data. It makes for fluent planning, forecasting, and execution with easy availability of real-time data replication technology.

HVR is fueled by log-based CDC (Change Data Capture) technology. So its clients need not worry about system overloads while in the pursuit of their business goals and meeting strict SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

The technology is already making waves in regards to its easy manageability and simplicity in optimizing even the most complicated data environments. The icing on the cake is its modular design that permits flexibility and gives scaling power in adopting and utilizing both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. Therefore, one can use HVR with traditional as well as modern data platforms like Oracle, SQL Server, and SAP seamlessly.

As one of the pioneer technologies that partnered with Snowflake, HVR recognizes the lasting impact of real-time data streaming on analytics. Using HVR with Snowflake, enterprises can leverage the power of timely decisions backed by accurate and precise data.


Riversand is a cloud-native MDM (Master Data Management) solution. It is designed to support and strengthen the enterprise’s or customers’ digital transformation journey by providing superior business agility, rapid adoption, and better strategic collaboration. All this is achieved by creating one true and complete record of your valuable data.

Riversand allows the enterprise or business to unlock the full potential and scalable power of MDM and PIM (Product Information Management) to create appealing experiences for the brand and product. These capabilities are driven by actionable insights and pave the way for augmented customer experience on a single platform. 

Once you connect your enterprise with an appropriate MDM tool, you have embarked on a successful and fruitful digital transformation journey. Combining it with Snowflake will prime your business for unleashing the potential of downstream data analytics and long-term data control.


ALTR is one of the first platforms combining data control and its protection for easy and hassle-free data governance. Therefore, it can correctly be classified as a cloud-native DSaaS (Data Security as a Service). 

ALTR helps companies gain an unparalleled view of how the data moves and is used across all channels in your organization. With its help, you can track the pattern of data consumption and also limit the amounts that are consumed at different tiers or levels across the enterprise.

With ALTR aiding Snowflake, you can build policies that automatically regulate the access and that too without code. So now you have on your hands a tool that can protect all your sensitive and critical information with cutting-edge data security measures. The cherry on top is that implementing data governance, its control, and complete protection can now be gained within a few minutes as against months it would have taken earlier.

ALTR integrates with Snowflake to improve its in-built security by providing it at the SQL level. To be precise, it will give you a secure view of complete data consumption and thwart threats within it.


Sisu is a Decision Intelligence Engine that makes for easy answers to complex questions through the medium of machine learning. You can use it to gain insights, monitor metrics, automate data analysis, and establish partnerships that drive unsurpassed business decisions.

The main advantage of machine learning-driven analytics and self-service data exploration is that it allows the business to focus on strategic endeavors instead of those tasks that are repetitive. Hence, now the analysts and business leaders can effortlessly move between analyzing what happened to uncover the reason behind it automatically and how to move forward from there. All this happens on a single platform without having to write a single line of code.

Sisu connects flawlessly with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. It gives you easy access to the most recent and up-to-date data, which makes for all-inclusive, actionable analytics. To be precise, the combination of Sisu with Snowflake will give you the power to make expeditious and conclusive decisions.

Snowflake Consulting – The Conclusion

HVR, Riversand, ALTR, and Sisu are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adjacent technologies that enhance the power of Snowflake. They are by no way the only ones that work the best, but yes, they are right there at the top of the ladder. You wouldn’t be able to comprehend their full capabilities and how useful they are without trying them out. If unsure of where to start and how to proceed, look for a reputed Snowflake consulting firm to guide you through the journey.

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