Omni Cloud: The Future of Cloud Computing

Omni Cloud

Omni Cloud: The Future of Cloud Computing

The future belongs to those who embrace the Cloud with all its features and capabilities. The faster the enterprises understand and accept this fact, the faster they can build a strong foundation. There was a time when the integrity and efficiency of the Cloud were considered questionable. Nevertheless, the buzz that it has created today states quite firmly how wrong people were in spreading myths and underestimating the way it shall be responsible for the growth of their business. 

The Growth Of The Cloud

Though a large majority of people believe that the Cloud is a new thing, it has been around for several years now. It was conceptualized by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider, an American Computer Scientist, and Psychologist, in the early 1960s. At that time, it was used by the governments to construct reliable communication networks.

In the 1970s, with the advent of virtual machines, technology and consequently the Cloud began to grow and evolve in leaps and bounds. The industry giants invested in virtual operating systems, and from there, a new look of the Cloud started emerging, one that was accessible to all.

Emergence Of The Omni Cloud

1. From Single Cloud To Multi-Cloud – Today, any individual or enterprise can use Cloud Computing services. In the early 2000s, when the Cloud became a global phenomenon, there were only a few mega players like Amazon and Google. Since they were already industry leaders, it was easy enough to trust their Cloud offering. Nevertheless, it was soon realized that cost-efficiencies could only be achieved by spreading the eggs in different baskets. Also, from the business point of view, keeping them all together was never a wise move. Hence, the businesses embrace the multi-Cloud.

2. From Multi-Cloud To Omni Cloud – Multi-Cloud looked like the best solution. It was cost-efficient, scalable, and flexible. What more could one ask for? Nonetheless, as demands of the business changed, it was now required for the different Clouds to interact. Now, every Cloud has its own hosting environment and infrastructure. When different Cloud architectures were combined, it disintegrated coordination. Things came to a head when this lack of coordination forced companies to withdraw from the Multi-Cloud. Thus, emerged the Omni Cloud where all platforms can streamline and integrate their data.

The Omni Cloud

Omni Cloud is often referred to as the Hybrid Cloud. It is an amalgamation of world-class connectivity and superior data integration. In short, the barriers between the various platforms merge until one cannot say where one ends and the other begins. It becomes a complete whole, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces represent the different platforms and the finished picture, the Omni Cloud.

Benefits Of The Omni Cloud

We know that everywhere everyone is now making the switch to the Omni Cloud. So let us see what attracts them to it.

1. Economies Of Use – When compared to other integrations, the Omni Cloud works quite effortlessly and seamlessly. It extends the capabilities in a cost-efficient manner. The operational costs are also low. Some customers prefer using their own hardware and software, while others prefer paying for that which comes as a part of the Cloud offering. Needless to say, there is something for every budget.

2. Real-Time Information – Having an in-store and online inventory creates a single data repository that can be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere and anytime. Companies can use this information to boost sales. For example, a product that is in high demand can be stocked more, or when the stock of some product hits the predetermined threshold, it can trigger a response for replenishing it.

3. Safe And Secure – Despite the popular belief, the fact remains, cloud-based databases are more safe and secure as compared to server-based on-premise databases. The Cloud service providers invest quite profusely in sophisticated firewalls and bug fixes. After all, this one little aspect can make or mar their business.

4. Scalable – As the business expands, the need for more data storage grows. The Cloud systems are most flexible and scalable. They can easily accommodate such demands and do away with the need for you to invest heavily into more servers and databases. Essentially speaking, Omni Cloud systems are a quick fix to all expanding server demands. Acquiring both additional processing power and storage space is a matter of a few simple clicks.

5. Easier Data Analysis – A key element behind the success of every business is data analysis. When your data is stored in different Clouds, its analysis becomes challenging. Omni Cloud brings together all the separately stored data and makes for easier and faster analysis. No matter where your information is stored with Omni Cloud, you get centralized data functionality. You can now do time-sensitive analysis and gain valuable insights.

Final Takeaway

Today businesses demand fast-moving applications that are robust and portable. In addition, they want to unify data to get a holistic view of the complete supply chain. Omni Cloud does precisely that by bringing together all the goodness of different Cloud architectures to form one cohesive whole. Where singularly, each independent Cloud may not be as powerful, but when combined, the increased capacity will open avenues for improving processes and optimizing resources. 

Success lies in simplifying things and making informed decisions. Omni Cloud delivers flawlessly on it by providing seamless data integration. By making applications portable and mobilizing data, it provides a whole new dimension to the term “Network Management.” It allows businesses to fully utilize their infrastructure in the best way possible. 

To conclude, the future is Omni Cloud. It is here to stay, and there is no other way to be. Changes may still happen, but only for the better. Jumping on the bandwagon will give you the experience and knowledge to exploit its benefits more fully. Or, you could choose to wait and bring your growth to almost a standstill. The choice is yours, for the future is yours.